Efficient Energy Solar Team

Here at Efficient Energy we offer a wide range of solar care products & upgrades.


Our aim is to upgrade everyone’s solar panel systems in line with new technology that will help get the most from your solar panels.


Existing solar panel installs that were completed before 2017 are unlikely to have fire protection on each panel – with our solar edge optimisation systems, panels are treated individually to produce the most efficient output to provide the best return on investment.


These smart systems can be linked to phones and tablets so you know how much energy they’re producing. Also, Efficient Energy are able to monitor the panels, so should one ever produce a fault, we will contact you to let you know and it won’t impact other panels, as opposed to older solar systems, where should one break, they are all affected and you likely won’t realise until it’s too late, therefore losing money.

Warranty & Aftercare

At Efficient Energy we offer an aftercare service that comes along with any product installed in the domestic and commercial environment, this gives you the peace of mind in knowing that your products and system will always be maintained to the highest standard.

We also offer a warranty aftercare package on existing installs, which includes annual solar maintenance, where we will come round to inspect the system and clean the panels to bring them back to their original state.

Solar Edge HD Wave Inverter System

The SolarEdge single phase inverter is specifically designed to work with SolarEdge power optimizers. Because MPPT and voltage management are handled separately for each module by the power optimizer, the inverter is only responsible for DC to AC inversion. Consequently, it is a simpler, more cost effective, more reliable solar inverter with a standard 12-year warranty, extendable to 20 or 25 years. The fixed string voltage ensures operation at the highest efficiency at all times independent of string length and temperature.

In addition to its functionality as a DC-optimized PV inverter, the single phase inverter also manages battery and system energy as part of SolarEdge’s battery storage solution.

  • Solar inverters specifically designed to work with SolarEdge power optimizers
  • 2.2kW to 6kW inverter range
  • Superior efficiency
  • Standard 12-year warranty (extendable to 20 or 25 years)
  • Built-in module-level monitoring receiver
  • Communication to internet via Ethernet or wireless connectivity (using Wi-Fi, ZigBee® or GSM plug-ins)
  • Supports PV and battery management as part of the StorEdge solution
  • IP65 / NEMA 3R – suitable for outdoor and indoor installations
Battery Storage Systems

We provide a range of battery storage solutions tailored to give people the best possible grid returns and power storage possible.

Our solutions are both simple and reliable, and feature flexible charge and discharge management according to local policy – this ensures maximum revenue.

Our battery storage solutions won’t let you down, they continue to operate when the grid fails.

Solar Inverters

For those looking for a low cost solution to upgrade an existing system, we offer a varied range of solar inverters to suit each individuals needs.

Our solar inverters will revitalize olders systems to a modern state, this helps provide more power, brings the system up to current safety regulations and comes complete with fire protection – which older systems do not have.

As the inverters are high quality, and use the newest technology there is no requirement for additional work or maintenance on the inverter for a minimum of 10 years.